The Birth or inevitable Death of BitLanders...

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The entire idea behind a social media platform that rewards with bitcoin based on content is to say the least,beautiful, innovative, and further proof that bitcoin is here to stay and will live forever!

Bitlanders has created this very venue and has united bitcoin,reddit,twitter,youtube,and facebook ideas into a single user interface with cross platform usability.

Upon first glance, these ideas have been put into action gracefully yet when you spend time in the chatrooms and peruse the content something curious emerges.  What begins to unfold is the issues that surround any pay for content site.. spam.  But before i address this common issue i want to address the most talked about topic (other than matchmaking and spamming for buzz ect.)

This is budget. according to 90 percent of the users i have chatted with, the problem that this site has -is budget.  Simply put, they want paid more.  While i understand the request, I must play devils advocate for a moment and address the aforementioned problem of spam.... I dare say spam is the reason for the budget being low.  If i am a owner of a restaurant and my cooks continue to supply my consumers with microwavable meals and fast food customer service, it goes without saying that i will pay them what they are worth.  On the other hand, if my employees consistently provide an incredible consistent dining experience for my guests, well, Then i will pay also accordingly.

It could also be argued that if consistent creative content is desired, then the pay should already be high..With this argument i vehemently disagree if for no other reason than that it is illogical.  If i offer money to someone they will do as little as possible to receive it,and, hence the site calls it a "reward" and so being that the nature of a reward is something earned, we must create consistent quality content and we will be rewarded.

On "spam":

i have seen and gotten many requests in many different wordings that instructed me or requested a buzz for a buzz.  I neither will ask for free buzz nor do i desire buzz that i have not earned. I believe in you all! and i believe that we are all competent and capable of making this site surpass all of its creators expectations!


now, lets get out there and change something!!

may bitcoin live forever!