The Book Review Pakistan A Personal History

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This book is the autobiography of  cricketer turn politician Imran khan . Imran khan was born in1952 and grew up  playing cricket in Lahore, Pakistan. Imran plays his first international cricket match for Pakistan in 1971.In1972 he began his studies at Oxford University, where he was contemporary of Benazir Bhutto. This book is consist of 9 chapters. The prologue of this is very interesting in which imran Narrates the attacked of islamic jamiat tuleba, JIT the student wing of most organized religious party jamat islami perhaps JIT is the allied to imran’s Party Movement of justice.


According to Imran khan He molded to Islamic rituals due her mother and his Uncle Mian Bashir ,the Mian bashir often guides imran in worst circumstances .when imran mother tell him about Islamic  rituals he often asked to her mother Can I still play cricket in Heavens. He wrote his great struggle to make first Cancer hospital on the name of her mother shaukat khanum giving free treatment to the poor Cancer patients He wrote he played cricket from 1990 onwards just for the sake of hospital. Imran Conclude that Pakistan Nation is so vibrant gives the Maximum charity in world.


Imran khan calls the ruling elite of Pakistan most corrupt elite according him Benazir and Nawaz Sharif were equally corrupt both of them spoils the politics and it is Mafia due to corruption he decided to came in politics as during he was constantly offered to came in politics by Nawaz sharif second to his post in Muslin league offered by son of President Zia Dr Anwar ul Haque and later on Musharraf. According to Imran the happiest moment for Pakistani Nation is the Win of cricket World Cup in 1992 and Saddest Moment is the Fall of Dhaka imran called the General Musharraf a vision less ruler imran admits his mistake of supporting Musharraf in 2002 referendum .


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