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Okay so apparently bitlanders suffered a really down to a whole 'nother level kind of glitch that not only affected users but also caused their earnings to go plummeting as well. Every user suffered a whopping -20 to their base buzz due to said glitch which somehow surprised most users but mostly i didn't really care much since we could get it back eventually. But sadly today not only did the chest not appear the whole buzz streak got resetted as well so back to +1 everybody we got to move it again. Well here's the photo of my earnings that just appeared today after 24 hours that no chest appear before all users yesterday.

What's cool about this is not only did we get back our buzz score thank the heavens and bit landers for that but we also learned a lesson "sometimes life isn't fair until it hits you right in the face", So there time to make new blogs new buzz and new galleries thankfully this won't happen again but surely I wish it does not happen again in the near future.

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