The Chennai Express Story

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The Chennai Express story is totally concepted of a 42 year old man based on the character of Rahul, The King Khan as obvious. The nature of the story is n incident that happened with Rahul and it turned to be as love for him. The female character was done and well executed by Minamma, Deepika Padukone. The story begins with sadness in Rahul’s life as he could do nothing in his life till now being a man of aged 42 years. He had been given the responsibility to enforce the business of his grandfather. The nature of business obtained by him was of a sweet shop owner. The concept indulged after the death of his grandfather. Rahul created a chance for him to develop his life and thus he decided to leave for Goa. He boards a wrong train just to play a trick on his grandmother. The trick played by him got him drowned for himself as he was totally influenced by the presence of several dacoits. This incident had brought him t Chennai from where actually the theme starts. Minamma, the girl on the other hand was in a verge of escaping from her home in the fear of getting married. The chaos had pulled their life into danger. People thing Rahul was the reason of Minamma’s escape and thus they all come in a hunt of their lives. The escape foe life made the duo come closer to each other and soon they fall in love with each other. Rahul, after escaping so much decided to stop the run and stepped back to face it. He accepts the challenge of the people and fights with them and lastly explains them all the love he had for her.

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