The construction industry of Pakistan

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The construction industry of Pakistan is a very important sector of the economy and is directly or indirectly linked to many other secotrs.  The industry contributes a great amount to the social and the economic development. Pakistan is a developing country that is seeing a great amount of growth in the construction sector and this sector is now the second largest sector of the country after the agricultural sector which mean that there is huge amount of construction going on in the country and which is quite visible as well that some very great infrastructuring is in progress that started in the 2000s.

If we look at the Dean’s trading centre which is a huge building and also been awarded as the largest shopping centre of Asia and It is located in Peshawar Pakistan. Same is the case in all the big cities of Pakistan that a great amount of building is going on there. Roughly 30 to 35% of the employment is affiliated directly or indirectly with the construction sector. The construction sector of Pakistan has played a very important role in providing jobs and reviving the economy. After the decade of 1990s Pakistan’s economy has bounced back and has been showing a good rate of growth which is above 7 percent in the recent years.    

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