The Court Of Sultan Mahmud

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The Court Of Sultan Mahmud

                Sultan Mahmud rule over Ghazna from AD 997 to AD 1030. He was one of the greatest conquerors of the world. He captured a large area in central Asia and added it to his empire. He invaded India seventeen times. He never lost a battle in his life.

                The wealth collected from battles was spent very wisely. He was a generous and cultured person. He builds a library, a university and a beautiful mosque in Ghazni. He invited scholars and artists from all over the world. Most of them accepted his offer. Among them were poets, musicians, historians, philosophers and scholars.

                Firdousi wrote shahnamah, a long poem in Persian about famous men and women of Persia (Iran). Unsari and Frrukhi wrote beautiful Persian poetry. Farrukhi also played music. Baihaqi and Utbi wrote important books about history. Al Farabi wrote books on the philosophy of the religion. Al Bairuni was an expert in astronomy, geography and linguistics. He wrote many books including kitb ul Hind, or The Book of India. Mahmud was most famous because he awarded a huge sum of money to the learned people. He also invites the talented Hindus to his country. Thousands of them joined his army. 

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