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The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014

Awhile back I wrote a blog about digital cryptocurrency and how using it's extremely effective protocols of digital accounting and digital book-keeping could revolutionize the way our economy works on a macro-level.

Some of you may have read this with a bit of skepticism and disbelief, thinking that turning the government's checkbook "open-source" would be too unyielding and cumbersome to be effectively browsed by anyone. In short, you may have thought that the government's transaction history would simply be too big for anyone to effectively navigate.

However, the idea I presented to you in the previous blog has just been signed into law by Preident Obama.

The new law requires for all government spending to be reported TO THE PUBLIC via online and easily accesible digital infastructure. 

This means that the basic premise of my previous blog post, easily accesible and public records of all government transactions, has officially been adopted by the United States as law.

The future is now!

With the passing of this law, the development of easy & simple apps to monitor & sort this information can begin. The future of economics is today!

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