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Have you ever seen Colorado (USA) in…
Popeye the Sailor in The Jeep
Caught in the Rain - Charlie Chaplin…
Mc Testa
Most HAUNTED tavern in Bourbon Country?…
#InTheLab w JFK's Secret Service Agent…
PRISM Consequences
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Lassie - The Painted Hills
Hero For A Day
Biden VP Announcement
Beth's Story

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Upcoming Blogger!


Before I said I was an actress, but I decided to enter the blogging career. Truly I am from the U.K but I live in the U.S. Not many……

by Tami-Time

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Ibm dell

THE LEGEND OF TARZAN   (Source: Google) Tarzan is a 1999 animated (American) film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and……

by ibm-dell

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zohal arezoo

  Aspirin is the most popular drug in the world today. A lot of people take aspirin when they have a headache or another sickness. ……

by zohalarezoo

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syed hidayatullah

Peace in this world has become a dream. No country is fully peaceful now. Whole world is going through a crucial time. The present……

by hadilove

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Why one learns English!


There are several reasons that the people learn English language. 1: English language is an international language in the world. And……

by shekofa

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Hit or Fold?

Sweet Asia TV

well, this question would never found the right answer. It's a very controversial one. This question might not be considered as a……

by SweetAsiaTV

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Stephanie Blogette

In Astrology, we are lead to believe, changes in our lives are in direct correlation to changes in the stars, planets and universe. ……

by StephanieBlogette

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