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تلويزيون سي بي اس نيوز در هفته‌ گذشته كسي را بنام جك دارسي در برنامه‌ي شصت دقيقه دعوت كرده بودند. جك دارسي موسس شبكه اجتماعي تويتر است.

 او در برنامه شصت دقيقه ميگفت كه او هر روز با مادرش از طريق تويتر در ارتباط است. اينكه او كجا ميرود، چه ميكند و چه ميخورد را با مادرش از اين طريق به اشتراك مي‌گزارد، هرچند كه او ميل ها از مادرش دور باشد. بنا بر اين مادرش اصلن فكر نميكند كه پسرش به ميل ها از او فاصله دارد.

او در اين برنامه گفت كه گاهي او با خود فكر ميكند كه او مادر اطفالي است كه از او بسيار دور هستند و آنها را نمي‌تواند به سادگي ملاقات كند. بنا بر اين، اين چنين وضيعت براي‌اش بسيار دلگير ميباشد. و با شبكه هاي اجتماعي اين فاصله ها كاملن از بين رفته است.

به باور او تويتر جز فاميل‌اش است و ميگويد كه مليونها تن ديگر هم به اين باورند چون تويتر و ديگر شبكه هاي اجتماعي آنها را به فاميل ها و ديگر دوستان شان نزديك كرده است.

حالا، مردم جهان مي‌توانند كه از طريق تويتر فرهنگ و رسم هاي خود را به جهانيان معرفي كنند.

جك دارسي در ايالت متحده آمريكا در سال 1976 متولد گرديده است.

CBS News TV invited a person by the name of Jack Dorsey at 60 minutes program. He is a business man as well as a web developer. He is the creator of Twitter. He said on CBS News TV that he is always in touch with his mother through Twitter. He tells his mother what he does and eat during the day through Twitter, however if he is miles away from his mother. There for his mother will never think he is away from her because he is in communication with her mother through Twitter.

On this program he said that sometimes he imagines that he the mother of some kids who are away from her that she cannot visit them easily. Thus, such a condition is too dull for her. As social networks are created, no body feels they are away from one another.

  He believes that Twitter is a part of his family and says that as well as millions of other people believe in this because the social networks, such as Twitter have have had them get closer to their family members who are away and hundreds of other friends.

Now, the people of the world can introduce their country’s traditions and cultures to the people of the world.

Jack Dorsey is a business man who was born in the United states in 1976.


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