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Keynote: Xeni Jardin

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Raza Jutt

life is like a race you have to run fast to keep in the race if you run slow you lose and other win the race 

by raza-jutt

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never give up

Raza Jutt

never give up don't be afraid be strong be smart believe in yourself you can do it you can achieve your goals remember one is our……

by raza-jutt

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Blogging for beginners

Nice Company

Do you have a passion of writing, and interacting with people? If you want to become a successful blogger, this article is for you.……

by nice-boy

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Social Media's Peril

Ren LV

( Image: ) Firstly, I wanted to share here at Bitlanders, in case for those who haven't come across……

by renlv

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Abdul Hadi

Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos……

by abdul-hadi-46

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What is bitlanders

Mdtld Pro

How to earn online money ? This is very tipical question in these days, every one is searching a part time job in internet. There……

by mdtld-pro

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Happy Friend Day


Friend are like as stars because you don't always see them but they are always there. You and yours friends between are important……

by jagjeetbdk

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My Twitter Account

Daryl Gray Belen

I just can't remember when I did start using this website, though so I decided to make a new one. I think, I did create this account……

by Yuukidha

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F8 Digital Community

Milo F. Faurillo

F8 or Facil-it-8 Communications Corporation is a legitimate, Filipino owned company that has local and international experience. WHAT……

by f4rillo

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Tweet politik!


With a large segment of Pakistan’s internet – savvy segment turning towards Twitter to catch up on latest news updates……

by Zohaib_Shami

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YAC project !!

ayla harris

Hey so i've been recently in touch with a fellow staffordshire university student who wants help making a short documentary for Nigerian……

by ayla-harris

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The Power of TweetDeck


I've been using Twitter as my primary source for news and information for the past 5 years. It's a great site to gather real-time……

by JGo

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Film annex

waqas sheikh

Internet has developed very fast in these days and it is providing different facilities via different ways. Internet offers communication……

by waqas-sheikh

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John Tancredi

HEY THERE! My name is John Tancredi I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to to you all here on Film Annex so here are……

by JohnTancredi

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Mohamed Magdy

“Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior.”They……

by mohamed-magdy-427

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STX Promo Shoot

Josh Tilley

Last night I had the pleasure of shooting for a client under the new events management label of "STX"- Stopped in Trax. It was a simple……

by josh-tilley

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Amy Styran

It was first on twitter: the hashtag (#), an easy way to find topics that are to your liking (for example, #alanrickman).  It……

by AmyStyran

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Thought leadership


     "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." Albert-Einstein……

by zahrra

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Is It Pozible?

Alex Nakone

Early last week I started conversations on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages in regards to the growing popularity we are seeing……

by AlexNakone

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TV on the web

Omar Nasir Mojaddidi

     Time is money, there for; people do not waste their time, for example, on staying home and watching television……

by Zohal

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Muhammad Rafi

    Film Annex is an organization working for the developing countries to enhance their knowledge capacity, level of……

by RafiullahCena

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