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How to earn online money ?

This is very tipical question in these days, every one is searching a part time job in internet. There is to many companies in internet that pay you.

But  Bitlanders.com  is one of the easiest way to earn online money.

Bitlanders pay you in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a online coin.   1 Bitcoin = 240$

What is the work that you have to do in Bitlanders.com

Its the same things that you do in Facebook. 

1) write a blog 

2) Post your pictures like you do in Facebook

3) Post your Videos like you do in Facebook

4) Write micro blogs

5) Sucribe other peoples

6) watch other peoples videos, photos, microblog and blogs

7) Come daily in Bitlanders.com

8) Once you start earning buy things from Store

9) Tell to your freinds about Bitlanders.com

10) Share yours and other peoples videos, photos, microblog and blogs on Facebook,Twitter and your Google+ account

These are the 10 things that you have to do in Bitlanders.com to earn Bitcoin these are the sames things thats you do in Facebook and you waste your time here you can do the same things and earn money. 

So what are you waiting for leave others website in which you are wasting your time and start earn Bitcoin in Bitlanders.

For any Question comment or send me a message. :)

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