Students effort in #FilmAnnex and #sustainableeducation

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 In the last week, in progress of our programs, the girls could make film Annex platforms and learn more things about that. They could write blogs and put them in filmannex. It will help them to share their ideas with whole the world. Also, they could make twitter accounts by the help of their teacher and register to that social media too. Citadel Company could appear as supporter as always and help the girls in this way. Banafsha and frozan could write blogs and share in filamannex plat form.

 The girls were very interested in hopeful to attend in the class. They registered theirselves in the social media and write better blogs that the weeks before. They are skillful in now in writing, sentences structure and writing paragraphs.

The Majuba Hiravi high school students believe that they could reach to improvement and high developments by trying and writing. We hope one day that there be no prevention for the girls.  

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