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Last night I had the pleasure of shooting for a client under the new events management label of "STX"- Stopped in Trax. It was a simple shoot in comparison to promo's I have shot in the past. The venue itself was quite small but this actually made it easier for me to pick out some creative shots and move from point to point easier. The lighting within the venue actually lent itself much better to the Canon 7D rather than the Sony EX3, due to it being quite low lighting, however this really contributed to the overall atmosphere.

The night itself featured three unsigned artists, each incredibly talented in their own styles:

  • The night was opened by 'Sophie Ray' on keyboard and vocals.Twitter: @Sophieraymusic
  • Followed by 'Maddie Jones' on acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals.
  • The night was closed by an incredibly energetic 'Ryan Lawler' on acoustic guitar and vocals.

This actually marked the first time I had filmed an artist that performed on a keyboard, so I personally saw it as a good opportunity to try new things and really push the boat out visually. I always enjoy small-time events to film such as this; due to the fact that I really do have free reign of creativity.

My main worry was the sound recording throughout the event. I currently don't have the luxury of professional sound recording for live-events, and although the PMD661 Marantz I brought with is an excellent recorder, it could not be hooked up directly to the PA system on the night so this meant I had to literally direct it at the speakers, which isn't ideal. However after reviewing the rushes as well as the sound clips; I have to say the quality really held its own, so all in all the shoot was a great deal of fun, and I had the chance to listen to some great music throughout so that's definitely a bonus!


What's next on the agenda for me now?

I've been commissioned to  shoot a promo for a newly opened restaurant with Michelin standard food in North Wales! I can't really think of a better way to spend my weekend!

Once again thanks for reading and watch this space for my blog on how the next shoot goes!


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Josh is an aspiring Cinematographer, and freelance camera trainee, currently working towards a degree in Advertising & Commercial production at Staffordshire university.

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