Why Social Media Marketing is so advantageous

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Whilst you may use Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter on a sociable level, have you ever considered the benefits of using them for marketing purposes?

Facebook is very advantageous not only to keep in touch with friends and family, but also to obtain global connections in an instant! A bonus additionally to uploading photos and videos is a public feature known as Marketplace. This feature permits its members to read post and reply to classified advertisements. When your status is updated your virtual contacts can read it instantly and another great plus point is it is extremely interactive.

There are many other ways to use Social Media Marketing, for example Linkedin. There is a certain amount of respect and credibility associated with Linkedin and it is used by professionals mainly seeking to track down previous colleagues or to make new contacts. You can download your CV in a user-friendly way and instantly promote and update your professional accolades and achievements.

The biggest advantage of Twitter from marketing prospective is that it can be used to gather systems and market intelligence. You’re ‘Tweets’ (messages) could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people globally and instantly, particularly if they are ‘Retweeted’ (forwarded) by one or more of your followers.

As long as you have the commitment and drive to use Social Media to your advantage as part of your overall marketing strategy there is no reason why it can’t be a great asset to your overall success.

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