Why bitLanders Over Other Social Networking Sites?

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In this generation where social media has been growing, been providing users with fast and easy way of communicating to other users, it is just sad to think that theses sites are not giving back to its users their due. The users are the ones providing contents on the site. The users are the ones giving traffic, users are the main reason why their site is alive and all stuffs like that however, they aren't giving back to their users.


That has been the main reason why I am grateful I found bitLanders. When everyone else at work are using Facebook and instagram for their photos and their life stories, I had been spending 90% of my extra time with bitLanders. They don't get it and I also don't get it why they won't use this site when the truth is, it is much better to earn while socializing than just socializing at all. I bet you'll agree with me on this.


So, I have listed a few reasons why I am supporting bitLanders over the other social networking sites. I am not saying though that I don't use them but it is just that I am spending more time with bitLanders than those other sites. This is also the reason why I am able to list down these items below. They have similarities though and what you can do with the other sites can also be done with bitLanders so what's the difference? Well, I must say, it is the earnings of course! We as users should be able to get something out from the things that we are producing from our minds, our talents and whatever it may be. This is the main point here.


Let's start now with the comparison and the reason why it is better to use bitLanders.




What is Twitter?

I am pretty sure most of you guys are aware what Twitter is, well I guess all of these social networking sites which I am going to mention is already famous and everyone here in bitLanders might have an account with them but let's tackle Twitter. With Twitter, one can post limited number of characters. Once can add a link, an image, a link to a video and twitter can embed it. Twitter has been used by almost all of the celebrities around the globe. It is an effective way of spreading micro information since it only requires a few characters to be posted.


Twitter has lately been used as well to figure out if a certain event, personality or whatever it maybe is trending. It can count number of mentions, tags and everything in it that has hash tags to determine how many people or users are spreading the information at that very moment. For me, Twitter has been the fastest in terms of data exchange because of how information are being shared with just a few taps on your mobile device or the desktop application.



bitLanders have almost the same functionality with Twitter. You can add limited number of characters to bitLanders' microblog. With microblogs, users can include images and links to the specific post. These updates will be included in the profile and the time line of a specific user.


It can be liked too which we refer to as buzz.


It can be shared too! Well, to other social networking sites but not repost within the site which I believe should be fine.  With bitLanders, the links to your microblogs sometimes fail but nonetheless, if you are posting something on your wall, make sure the links work.


But among all the mentioned stuffs here, with bitLanders, the microblogs are giving us, users the freedom of stating things from what we are feeling and even sharing our thoughts on the site. Plus we are able to earn from what we are posting. That for me is the best reason why we can stick to bitLanders.

 Anyhow, we can always share the information to Twitter.





What is Instagram?

Now this is what makes everyone who owns a smartphone an instant photographer nowadays. The photos taken on one's phone can be shared over to the world of filters and photo edits. Actually you may opt not to edit it but putting filters and other editing options will make your image better, more attractive and somehow look more professional? Perhaps.


But going back, with Instagram, we are all becoming instant photographers. Everything we do, we try to post it. We overload our feeds with just everything we have taken - Food Porn, Feet Porn, Travel photos, Party or Event Actions, Nature Photography, Summer Escapade, etchetera.. etchetera.


And at this point, Instagram allows posting video clips too! Isn't it amazing how a simple app has given us the option to share the world on what we are doing through our photos? How is it possible that the things which we are just keeping by ourselves before can now be publicly exposed and we are not sure how others may react to it?


I maybe guilty on this. But why do I post on Instagram? There's a deeper reason to that and I will dig into it later at the comparison section. So yeah, basically, Instagram is more on the media kind of stuff. Your photo, your video clip, your selfie image or images if you use the template which allows you to add more photos to be stitched into one image.


Just a quick interruption here for this social media revolution video clip:





This is pretty the same with Twitter, with bitLanders, you have an option to add images but not videos on your microblogs. Instagram does the same plus the video which was added to it from last year perhaps. But at the end of the day, the images we tried hard to edit, the photos we have made sure looked really good, edited it multiple times so it can look attractive online, all these stuffs which we show off are only a what it is - a show off but at the end of the day, we have not received anything in return, well maybe a "heart", because when you like something with Instagram, you give it a hurt by double tapping it.


I did mention earlier that I am pretty aware that I also use Instagram for the images that I have taken, that is true and I am not ashamed of it. Well, the main reason why I am doing it is because I would like to share the image which was created by the said app to bitLanders too!


The main reason is because in Instagram, I am open to the filtering options which is far more easier done in the mobile application. Instagram saves the final image which will be shared on my time line and so I can also get it posted to bitLanders together with what had been added on its filter.


So basically, what I have in bitLanders' microblog photo, I have in Instagram. But what's nice about bitLanders? I get earnings, $dollars, bitcoins (before), PayPal funds, I get money out from what I am posting.




What is Tumblr?

Tumblr can be considered one of the underrated social networking sites nowadays. One can do a lot of things in Tumblr actually. I had been a member for more than six years. I have used it before to share my personal blog which is dead at this moment in time.


Tumblr has a very simple aim - share and reshare! Just like the previous two social sites I had mentioned, it gives you the option to share texts, images and clips. However, there's one thing which has been standing out - GIFs.


gif courtesy of tumblr


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a kind of image which has been layered and is intended to show movement within the image. It is somewhat the same with a video clip but it is just an image. There are multiple images within it but it plays like a video. This is what is making Tumblr cool in my own opinion. There are lots of Tumblr users out there too sharing cool GIFs, images and video clips. One can even post blogs there as well! It is cool yet it is still the same with the rest of them, they don't give you anything in return to those complicated images one posts in the site.



I have stated it earlier and I will state it one more time. With Tumblr, you can post GIFs and other media and receive nothing in return. But with bitLanders, you post GIF and other media and you'll get earnings in return. However, with bitLanders, it won't just give you an option to add GIF on your blogs, it also has the option to add your entire Gallery!


Tumblr is indeed cool with all those nice things that one can browse through but then again, it doesn't give you due to what you had contributed to its community. It can't be that way.





What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. A Blog on the other hand is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web. This is pretty much another way of socializing but it would depend on the number of subscribers or followers you have under your network.


Blogger is hosted by Google which means, one can monetize their blogs too through the Google Ads one can add onto his or her blog.  I recall having a personal blog in Blogger. By the way there are more other different kinds of blog hosts around the world wide web. I am only stating blogger since it is what I am familiar with.


So with my personal blog, I write my thoughts, I write reviews on services or specific items. I write stuffs regarding my travel story, I edit images through Photoshop. I make it sure that my blog is pretty interesting? I would exert a lot of effort for it. Believe me, it takes me days to finish one. It needs lots of effort.


I got paid by Google actually, it was only one time and I had written more than fifty blog entries for the $100 amount which I had received from them after a year of making blogs. I do understand that I would need to work too on my page ranking to earn more but that was too much for me.


 image from metro.co.uk



While I was earning with Blogger, I had only earned a hundred bucks from it and it took me more than a year to do so. I have to mind a lot of things like SEO and page rankings and all. But with bitLanders, I am only focusing on making quality blogs and I have to submit for review.


This gives me the capability of earning more than a hundred bucks per month! That is huge compared to the one year effort which I had done with blogger. Again, this is just my own story. It maybe different to the others.






Now we have come to the end of the list. Facebook!


What is Facebook?

Do I still have to tell you what it is? Well, for the sake of this blog, here it is - Facebook is a social networking site which lets you connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.


Facebook has evolved from just a simple social networking site to a very complicated site. One can post whatever you want on your timeline, images, text updates, video clips, GIFs, links, embed information from other sites, you can even add live video updates these days. Facebook gives you the option to post your gallery, post your "for-sale" items too with specific prices. Facebook has given its users the option to create groups and fan pages. Facebook has chat features, even calls over the internet and a lot more. There's a lot of feature that the site offers which is why it has been the most famous and most used social networking site.


I am a user, I bet you are also a user. Even bitLanders is a user there. Facebook is one of the necessities of a person now adays, even newly born babies have Facebook accounts pretty faster to create than birth certificates. Funny but it is true.



But I will be pointing this once and for all, is Facebook giving you the option to earn from it? Well yeah, since it gives you the option to sell and share your links for traffic but I am referring to the sheer contents you are adding into it.


I bet you will agree with me in here. All of these networking sites I had mentioned specially Facebook is extracting things out of us, ideas, images, videos and a lot more yet, they are not giving us what is due for us.


However, with bitLanders, I can do the same things that I can do with Facebook yet at the end of everyday, there's an amount waiting for me to claim. A chestbox full of bitMiles loyalty points which can be converted into PayPal funds.


The video clip below will show you my earnings in a day to day basis from last week. By the way 1GB means 1$.



I can tell you more on what we can produce out from bitLanders but I can't put them all to words, I will leave you with just a few more sentences for this blog entry. bitLanders has opened a lot of windows for me.


I met virtual friends from all over the world. I have learned a lot about online money earning sites from the friends I have gained, I have enhance my blog making abilities, I have earned funds to help me pay my bills, I have fund me and my husband's travels and most specially, I have helped charities and I had given back to the community.


I can't ask for more and that is the reason why I am choosing bitLanders over those other social networking sites. I may use them once in a while, perhaps often but my heart will still come back to bitLanders.


Of all, let me tell you this:




Hey buddies, thanks for reading this long blog entry!



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