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In the past year, I got much more into Twitter than before, exploring all the possibilities that the social network provides. One of my favorite features is the lists. I like lists in general, to-do lists, gift lists, contacts lists, etc. So, a Twitter list? That was for me.

First, you have to know that the lists are meant to read tweets only. You can’t message or tweet to all members of a list at once. It’s a complain I would have about lists.

I organize my lists by type of people. This way, if I want to see news and articles only about a specific topic, I just have to go to the corresponding list. It will save you a lot of time when looking for information or people, especially if you follow a lot of accounts. It's another way to build a database of your contacts.

When you add someone to a list, he or she gets a notification. It’s a good way to get people’s attention if you are looking to get more followers. Most people see being on a list as recognition of their expertise in a specific field.

How to create a list?

Go to your Lists page ( by clicking on “me” and then “Lists” on the left, or via the menu (the wheel on the top right) and then “Lists”. Click on “Create List”, enter a name (25 characters max.) and decide if the list will be Public or only for your own personal usage (the description is optional).

If you already have a lot of contacts that you want to put in lists, I suggest you create all your lists first. Then, you will be able to add one contact in different lists if needed.

How to add someone to a list?

When on a Twitter profile, click on the wheel icon and select “Add or remove from lists”. From the pop-up window, check (or uncheck) the list(s) that you would like to add it to. Let’s note that you don't need to follow a user to add it on a list .

How to view tweets from a list?

From your “Lists” page, click on the list you are interested in to see the tweets by its members.

How to view members on a list?

From your “Lists” page, click on the list you are interested and then on “Members” on the left.

What lists am I on?

From your “Lists” page, click on Member of.

How to subscribe to other people's lists?

When on a Twitter profile, click on “Lists” (on the left), select the one you want and click on “Subscribe”.

How do you use Twitter lists? What lists do you follow and find useful? Share your best Twitter tips! See my twitter lists here.


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- Jennifer Bourne

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