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This century is the century of science and technology; we are surrounded with latest inventions and technologies. One most important and outstanding invention of science is Internet. "Internet is the network of networks and it is system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite  to link several billion devices worldwide”. Through Internet one can explore the whole world with just one click of mouse.

The earth has become global village due to Internet which has brought people together and closer around the globe with its wonderful services. Todays,  after oxygen Internet is the second basic necessity of life. Internet is the greatest medium which provides the chances to interact with others via social networking sites  skype, electronic mail, twitter, facebook and whatsapp etc. It has made communication faster and as well as cheaper.

In old ages, the one and only mean of communication was letters. It took months to post and receive letter from our beloved ones. But now a days electronic mail is the best alter of letter it just need one click to send our message. It provides us with fast and instant communication people can communicate with the people who are at the opposite side of world.

Beside communication with others Internet is also useful for business and trade. One can promote his business with Internet and it has provide the easier chance to decide about whether to deal with or not with the company. Moreover there are many social websites like Filmannex a social media that pays, through which one can earn money. People from whole world work under one platform.

Internet has brought people together as well as it has destroyed the close human relationships. The people who spend most of their time in using social media and net browsing are not giving time to their family and friends. No doubt it is the excellent tool to communicate but by using e-mails we have reduce to visit our relatives and friends. So we can say it has its advantages and as well as drawbacks.


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