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What makes America so different from any other country? Well, a lot but one of the greatest qualities of the American culture is our diversity, even between the North and South. The United States was founded on the simple principles of liberty for all.

 That is what makes America so unique for the immense amount of diversity that delves into aspects of religion, opinion, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation business and education. We are truly one of a kind. 

People living in the United States are expected to be very individualistic in mentality and very open and friendly. What I find very intriguing is the primary difference in customs between northerners and southerners.

 Northerners and southerners often stereotype each other in both positive and negative ways, something that has been going on since before the Revolutionary war and is common in practically every country across the globe.

The southern portion of the United States often referred to as simply "The South" is generally recognized as the southeastern or south-central portion of the United States. Southerners are often associated with having very strong familial values and ties, primarily from English, Scottish Irish and African-American descent.

 Unfortunately, the South also has some of the highest rates of obesity with over nine states (Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, South Carolina and more) that have an obesity rate of over 30% of the population, the highest in the country. 

According to a Adam Alter's Drunk Tank Pink, statistics have also shown that southerners tend to respond more aggressively when bumped into by a stranger on accident, often alluding the action as hurting their pride and masculinity, which I find very fascinating, isn't it? 

However, with the recent rise in health-conscious eating and the consumption of locally grown food, that rate is expected to decline over the next couple of years.

 On the other hand we have northerners who are often referred to as Yankees and are generally known as living a very fast-paced life, often stressful and constantly focused on business; whereas southerners tend to be perceived as more laid-back and calm with their day to day lives. 

 All in all, it is very interesting to note the vast distinctions between the two culture all living under the same roof that is the United States. Even though we have our differences, we are all very loyal to our splendid nation. Don’t you agree?

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Brooklyn-based Margaret Skowronska is a St. Francis College Communications and Business graduate with an intense curiosity that fuels her drive. She strongly follows the inspirational words of Norman V. Peale, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

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