Why one learns English!

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There are several reasons that the people learn English language.

1: English language is an international language in the world. And when called to a language international language that more than five countries speak in one language, like English, Spanish, Russian, Douche, French. It is now used by most international companies, including the company where I work for business communication.

2: one other reason that we learn English is when we travel to a foreign country we must know their language or if we don’t know their language so we must speak in English language and also by speaking English we can solve our problem and can save our money instead of paying for a translation to the solve our problem.

The United States, England, Australia, and many other countries all use English as their primary language.

3: I want to learn English because I want to travel to the United States in the future. I want to continue my high education in the United States, and can get a job for self in the United States.

If I cannot achieve to my goal I will need in my country and all the organization if hire us the first thing that they ask about our education and then ask about the English and all the work exception some unimportant jab that don’t need to English language all others need to speak and write correctly English.

 All who persons that educated, all they and always extend to learn English and however can teach to know and others can learn and know English.

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Shekofa Mahsomi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but now she lives in Herat, Afghanistan. She is studying Economics at Herat Universit too. Besides, she works at one of the private banks up here, and also she is writing blogs at Film Annex site.

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