The disadvantages of having a crush :D

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Having a crush is a nice feeling, isn't it? You always feel inspired. You would always feel that spark every time you see him/her. You would always feel the butterflies in your stomach when he/she gets near you.

And I could say, having a crush is a nicer feeling than having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

But, the disadvantages of having a crush is that ..

1. You can't call him your own. Because you do not know if he/she also has a crush on you and you do not know if there are other girls/guys who has a crush in him/her.


2. You don't know where to place yourself in his/her life. Especially when you could see him/her with another girl/guy, you really can't be jealous because, why would you? He/she is not even yours, right? So you also do not have the right to get jealous. So, you would just end up feeling the pain within yourself.


3. You don't know if you exist in his world. (This is for girls) Because a girl, it is really embarrassing t confess to a guy. And you would look desperate if you do that. But guys, they can court their crushes and they can make a move to let their crush be theirs. But for girls, if we have a crush, we really can't do anything but hope that the guy we like would like us too. We don't even know if we exist in their world. So, we would just end up crossing our fingers and pray.. :D


I have this crush and he's my classmate. Cupid really hit me harder this time because I really like him more this time. And I don't know why.. I want this feeling to fade because i know, I am not someone whom he likes because he is very high and I couldn't even reach.. And he has a high standards which is, i couldn't really pass with his standards. 


But telling your heart not to feel that way is just so hard. </3


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