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I just want to share this faucet rotator that I use in collecting free satoshis. For me, this is the best faucet rotator ever, the bit.makejar. In the screenshot below you will see some of the best faucets giving the highest satoshis.

 You must enter your bitcoin wallet address before you proceed on collecting free satoshis. As for me I use my bitcoin wallet, but I used Xapo before. The satoshis collected from each faucet will go to a temporary wallet such as Microwallet and Faucetbox. 

My favorite temporary wallet is Faucetbox. With this service, your collected satoshis will be sent to your bitcoin wallet after 24 hours, provided you reached the threshold. You can set your desired payout threshold, but it should be at least 13,000 satoshis. To up the challenge, you can set a higher threshold to your liking, such as 50,000 satoshis.


The following are some of the best bitcoin faucets on

Prize Bitcoins

The following are some verification challenges that you might encounter on collecting free satoshis.

Type the capcha word.

Picture verification: Select all sushi.

Picture verification: Select all steak.

Human verification game: Put all fish in the ocean.

If you pass the verification challenge, your earnings will be sent to faucetbox after you clicked "Claim," "Get Reward," or "Dispense," whatever button is provided by a specific faucet.

This video shows how to collect free satoshis from bitcoin faucets.

Faucetbox, the Best Temporary Wallet for Bitcoin Faucets!

As you begin your bitcoin collection game, you will normally learn by trial and error until you find a method that works. At some point on your journey, you will come to understand that working with a single temporary wallet is the best way to go. From experience, the best temporary wallet is Faucetbox, as you will learn why shortly.

You might ask why I consider Faucetbox as the best temporary wallet for bitcoin faucets. Make no mistake, I am not prejudiced against Microwallet and the others. In fact, I have been using Microwallet and epay for a while, but I realized these payment services are not as great as Faucetbox.

No matter what bitcoin wallet you use, what's important in bitcoin collection is your wallet address. Once you begin collecting free satoshis from faucet rotators like Bit.Makejar, your bitcoins will be stored in a temporary wallet. If you use Faucetbox like I do, your satoshis will be sent to a unique Faucetbox account bearing your wallet address.

This means you don't really have to create an account in Faucetbox to start sending your satoshis there. Just input your wallet address in a faucet, and you're ready for business.

I use Faucetbox as my preferred service almost to the exclusion of others. Here are the reasons why:

1. Faucetbox pays every day! That alone is enough for me to switch completely. On the other hand, Microwallet and epay pay once a week. Microwallet promises to pay each Saturday, but it fails to do so over and over again. Payment comes late. Meanwhile, epay pays each Friday without fail.

2. Faucetbox gives a list of faucets using Faucetbox as the payment service. You can see the list by clicking the Faucets List tab on their website. You would be amazed at the number of faucets being serviced by Faucetbox.

3. Faucetbox supports cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin such as dogecoin, litecoin, peercoin and primecoin.

These are the reasons why I believe Faucetbox is superior to its counterparts. Gradually, I notice some faucets making a switch from Microwallet to Faucetbox for the reasons I outlined above.

So if you want to surely receive the bitcoins you work so hard to collect, and what better way to see your coins in your wallet at the end of the day, make the switch to Faucetbox now.

This video gives the reason why and how bitcoins come to being.

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