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In past, societies were made according to their cast or creed. But now all trends have been changed. Now a days distinctions are made according to their financial conditions. People who are financialy weak include in lower class, people with stable and normall financial condition include in middle class. And the one's who are very rich are known as elite class people. We are in a time  where relations have no value , only thing which has value is ''Money''.

He who has money will be successful, happy and leading a peace full life. In Pakistan, elite class people are never mentioned in good words . Because money has not just changed their life style but also has made them materialistic ,that they don't give a damn to other matters of life. All they talk about is money, big houses, number of properties,cars, farm houses business, money etc.

In other words, we can also say that money makes them kind of greedy. They want to earn more and more money. They think about money, they talk about money. Rich people have nothing to do with religion. They completely forget about their religion , their restrictions and rules which are imposed on them by their religion. People of elite class have made their lives so busy that they don't have time to look even them selves. What are they ? What they have done to them selves ? They go to parties where alcholic drinks are served.


They go to clubs at night. They go to casino's. They wear short clothes in which their body is exposed. Girls go out with boys at night. Boys are usually drunk and while doing this stuff they don't think that what we are doing because they think that its a part of our life style.

''We must master the power of money and not be afraid of it. Don't let money run your life''

If we won't do these things people of their class will call them backward or low life's. Elite people do not make friends  in any other class. In fact they give weird reactions if they face any middle or lower class people. Elite class people is the most dangerous and bad part of our country and surely a fake essence of our society.

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