The First Phone Call From Heaven: Real or Hoax?

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There are two stories for every life; the one you live and the one other tell"

Do you believe in miracles?

What if you got a phone call from a dead loved one?

Will you believe it?

How will you take it.


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The First Phone Call From Heaven is another novel by Mitch Albom, the first from his new publisher and his fourth novel.

This is a story of when a small town of Coldwater(place maybe real but the novel is fictional), Michigan was put into a spotlight after the residents started to get phone calls from their loved ones.

The question is, is this real or a hoax?

With Sully Harding, who had just lost his wife while he was in prison, he wanted to find the truth.


The day that first call start and the people who has been called.



The first telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell

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Tess Rafferty got a phone call from her mother who had died four years ago.

Jack Sellers was called by Robbie, his dead son.

Katherine Yellin got a phone call from her dead sister, Dianne.

Will someone believes about those calls?


Miracles happen quietly everyday--in an operating room, on a stormy sea, in the sudden appearance of a roadside stranger. They are rarely tallied. No one keeps score.

 At the same day, Sullivan Harding was released from prison after ten months,  few weeks after missing his wife's funeral.


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The calls and its effect.

The calls was more of telling the bereaved ones not to worry, that their loved ones are at peace and they should spread the news about getting calls.

News had spread faster that no one could imagined. When Katherine have stood during their church service and told about the call she is getting from her dead sister Dianne, with their church leader Pastor Warren trying to stop her. Then few more stand up and tell about their calls too.

The news of life is carried via telephone. A baby's birth, a couple engaged, a tragic car accident on the late night highway--most milestones of the human journey, good or bad, are foreshadowed by the sound of ringing."


A tv station was drawn int he miracles happening in the small town of Coldwater, Michigan. A reporter name Amy Penn was sent nine ty miles west, but before that, news director name Phil received a letter about what is happening in the small town.

With the calls from dead loved ones, the five leaders of the five churches have gathered together, with the miracles being exposed to the public, everything had changes. But with one question asked by the four church leaders to Pastor Warren, why is it members of his congregation are the only ones getting calls?

Just two have come out yet, but are more who are getting calls, hasn't tell their stories.

And for the mayor of Coldwater, Jeff Jacoby, he is thinking of good business for the town.


The happenings around Coldwater.

What is false about hope?"


When the news had been know, people started to flock the small town. Praying for miracles to happen too. The heavenly calls had the people hoping. The non-believers have started to believe, a conversion is happening, changing their hearts.

Phones are in high demand. That particular brand and model of phone. And sudddenly private lives are being invaded, worshippers all over their lawns.

All blessings do not bless the same."


Then something happened, like a plot twist. Someone died while  talking with one of the person who received the call, questioned what had hapened in the hospital. The incident is overwhelming that the secretary of the congregation have to resign for she can not take the number of calls their church is getting.

The mayor faced investors pulling out their investments in the town, believer and non-believers fighting.

Bad news has not limits, we often feel it should like a rainstorm that can't possibly get any heavier. But the storm can always worsen and the burdens of life can too"


Sully Harding and his quest for the truth.

While everyone is so attached with the calls from heaven, someone is reluctant to it. Sully Harding is the single soul who don't believe in the miracles that is happening in Coldwater, on calls from Heaven. Grief-striken Harding wanted to know the truth, what is really going on, doing his own investigation.


People in grief can i magine many things. It makes them feel better. It doesn't make it real"


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Will he found out something?

 Sully found out what about those calls. 

Horace Belfin is the the funeral director, whom Sully met when he picked up his wife's ashes. And the one responsible for those calls. with the equipments and technology he is using, and checking the obituaries, being the funeral director, made him do those calls.

Sully called what Horace has been doing as "insanity" and giving those people a false hope. And asked why he has to do it, Sully was the reason he have to do it, it is penance

Sully and Horace's life are tangled with one another. Sully's cause of imprisonment was due to Elliot Gray's mistake with the control tower, but Elliot died with the car crash. With the letter given to Sully after learning about Horace's death the night of learning about the hoax calls from heaven, he learned that Horace is Elliot's father, who just wanted to catch up with his son but made it worst.

With what had happened to everything, his penance, Horace came up with th idea of making those calls.

Was the knowledge of a hoax of heaven as paralyzing as proof of heaven itself?"



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Then something happened, something Sully didn't expect after confronting Horace.

He got a call from his wife while on his way home. Will he believe that it is not being manned by Horace?

With the time of death of Horace, he learned about Giselle's call, that is was indeed a REAL phone call from his deceased wife. He had just experienced miracle.

As happens with alll miracles, once life goes on, those who believe retell them with wonder. Those who do not, do not."

Miracles do happen everyday, some recognized it, some don't. It is how we see things that happen everyday ,   if we just open our eyes to it.


 *Image is credited to Rain Tajon via 


Here is the trailer of the book. 

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