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Guys I told you I would write about my favourite current series, so here it is "the Flash" yes, the second season started last month and the 6th episode came out earlier this week, trust me the word mindblowing seems not enough for this episode. The flash has taken time travelling and multi-universe concept to another level. We now have The flash of the two worlds, and also zoom who is the fastest man across all universes and wants to destroy Barry Allen(Flash). In this episode Barry sets a trap to allure zoom into coming out in the open but it fails and later zoom faces Barry and almost kills him. And at the end of the episode Barry is hospitalized and can't feel his legs, so it makes the next episode so interesting as what would happen, surely the Flash can't lose his legs forever. The best scene of the episode was when Barry runs in circle to produce a thunder bolt and throws it at zoom in hopes of killing him but instead zoom just jumps and catches the thunder bolt, yes the thunder bolt and throws it back at Flash( that tells you how amazingly fast zoom is). I am so fascinated yet scared by zoom, he looks so scary and is truly very very fast. And also his identity is a big suspense. I guess we will have to wait for the next episode to find more answers. I am just interested in finding out zoom's identity and also to see what Barry would do next as he is surely very slow as compared to zoom.

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