The Gem: Why It Is Important in Bitlanders

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Gems are jewels or valuable pieces of stones. In Bitlanders, we use gems in various ways. We can purchase gems from BitGoodie, an online store for gems and stickers. As of now, there are only gems in the BitGoodie and stickers are not available. We can access it directly by clicking the gem logo between the Bitmiles earnings and the shopping cart. 

Queries regarding gems and earnings are the very reason why I decided to write this short post to give our friends, especially new members some idea on how to use their gems so that they may be able to get higher earnings from their Bitlanders' activities. 

Importance of Gems

Gem has a very significant role in Bitlanders. Following are the important uses of gems that we need to know in order make the most of this item for our Bitlanders' activities. 

  • {}Gems are required when we submit blog posts, movies, and galleries for review. Each review submission requires 10 gems



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  • {}We need gems in order to purchase items that we need for our avatars. Some of these items come with additional buzz bonus points.  


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  • {} We need gems to upgrade our  inventory space to accommodate more fashion items


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  • {} We can also use gems in order to mention other members who are not subscribing to us.


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  • {} Gems are also used with the FlapPig game. Be very careful with this one as I lost a lot of gems when I first played the game. I clicked on the RETRY LEVEL button not knowing that it would require a gem. 


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Ways to Earn Gems

Here are some ways in order to get gems. 

  • <> During Sign up - Upon signing up, a member is given 6 gems and a set of Quests having gems as a prize. Each quest completed has a corresponding gem reward which is automatically credited to our account. 


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(A friend who is a new member of the site sent me this screenshot)

  • <> As a reward for a high-quality blog post, movie and/or gallery review. We can earn as much as 10 gems for a positively rated content.


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  • <> Through purchasing from the BitGoodie. We can purchase as much as 1500 Huge Coffer gems for $107.988. Personally, the largest amount that I bought was only 50 gems which lasted for almost 20 days. This is because the rate contents were also given some gems which were added to the gems I bought.


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How to Use Gems Effectively?

If you are just starting with your Bitlanders activities, it is important that you have reserve gems on your account. That is why it is not advisable that we buy any item from the store unless we are already earning big amount.  Chances are if we continuously spent the gems we have in our account, we will fall short of gems that we need for submission of posts, movies, and galleries. 

Just like in our daily life activities, we need to properly manage our resources so that we won't encounter any problem in the future. Learning to prioritize our needs over our wants can certainly help us achieve great success in whatever endeavor that we may have. 

Consider Bitlander as your business and you were given a capital in the form of a gem. Learn how to use it wisely in order to gain more.

Though sometimes it is inevitable to purchase those goods from the store, we can choose to buy only those that come with additional buzz score once purchased.

Increasing our daily buzz can help achieve the overall  BUZZ score which is the basis of our earnings, thus an increase in BUZZ score could also mean an increase in earnings.

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