The Gulistan of Saadi (Sheikh Saadi): Story No.1

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About Sheikh Saadi:

Saadi was a great storryteller. He belonged to Persia.He wrote Gulistan,the great book of all time.


Once a king and his slave were sailing in the  boat. The salve had never been at sea voyage, and never experienced any difficult situation . After some time the boat stuck in a storm and started moving up and down. It was very unpleasent for the passengers. All remained calm except the slave who due to fear began to cry, and created inconvenience for the other passengers. The other people tried to calm him by affection   but he didn’t hear anybody. When this fuss lasted longer the king also became angry.


In that boat there was a sergeant, who said, “if you allow me, may I stop him from crying”.

               “It will be very kind of you”, the king replied.

The sergeant ordered the slave to be thrown into the sea, so that he could have experienced the true calamity of life. Two men threw him in the water and when he was about to be die they pulled him back, and he attached with the stern with both of his hands. After this he sat down and remained calm. The King became very impressed by sargent, who could not comprehend the wisdom in the action taken by the him, and he asked him to justify his act. The sergeant said:

              “Before he had face the danger of being die, he knew not about the importance of the boat. A man does not realize the importance of safety from the trouble until he has tasted it.”

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