The Honest Gardener

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                                                            "Part two"



His employer said “ do you mean to say that after all these years, you still do not know which are sweet and which are sour pomegranate ?



Do you pretend to be Ibrahim-bin-Adham by showing your honesty?”

Ibrahim-bin-Adham felt bad and left his job but later his employer came to know who he really was and apologized to him.



Dear friends! Di you see how honest Ibrahim-bin-Adham was? Though he had worked in that garden for a long time , he had never tasted any fruit there and could not tell the difference between a sweet and sour fruit.

Whenever someone gives you something to guard and keep. It is called a trust or Amanat . you must always protect it and never use anything from it expect as the owner told you to use it.

Allah too has given us this body, this life. Our house and things as a trust to keep. We can use only as he tells us to use. If we use his things in any way we like, it will be dishonesty. It will n breaking of trust or breach of trust. So always be honest. Protect the things entrusted to you as a trust .




















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