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The Indian forces have been inflicting atrocities on the unarmed Kashmiri Muslims. Women are being molested and the children are being butchered but no one is heeding to the cries of the Kashmiri. The situation is alarming. The United Nation has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the people and a bl9ind eye to the cruelties being inflicted on the unarmed Kashmir’s.

The human rights are being violated and the champions of human rights are not taking steps to help the people of Kashmir. Almost all the efforts initiated by Pakistan have failed, Pakistan has been trying to make the world realize the unless the Kashmir dispute is settled, peace in South-East Asia cannot be established. Many a time, Pakistan has made sincere efforts to hold dialogues with India but so far all these efforts have proved futile.

Pakistan has given several options for the settlement of the issue but India has been adamant to its stand. The need of the hour is that the two countries should sit together to decide their disputes amicably. Both the countries are spending millions on the purchase of armaments. Both the countries are poor and cannot afford expenses on the warfare.

If the matter is settled, it will bring peace and prosperity in the region. Moreover, both the neighbors will develop friendly relations so as to make the whole region peaceful. It can be hoped that sooner or later India will come on the table of dialogues so as to bring about a peaceful solution of the problem.

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