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I often take for granted the technology behind many of the everyday graphics and special effects that I come across in the videos I watch for Models WebTV and Film Annex or the commercials that I see on TV and our site. When I happened upon this reel from The Marmalade it was a "OH THAT'S HOW THEY DO IT" moment that I wanted to share with you. It is jaw dropping to watch some of the special effects this production company manages to create. The task of showing the viewer a perfect pour of red wine swirling into a tipping glass or the slow motion of a tire going through rain, or chocolate rivers is incredibly involved and enlightening to see some of the steps and tools needed to reach the finished result.

The Marmalade has a unique tool called 'Spike' a High Speed Motion Control System which "brings the creative freedom of a moving camera to the world of high speed filming and so enables The Marmalade to create shots that would otherwise be impossible to achieve otherwise". Without going into further explanation, it's best to see the 'Spike' reel and witness the tremendous capabilities for yourself.

The 'Spike' Reel:


Photo property of The Marmalade:


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