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There some students who are studying and staying at EMC this period, they are; Nauval from Bondowoso, Lia from Sumenep, Eva from Pamekasan, Eka from Jogjakarta, Amwal from Aceh, Homed from Sumenep, Uyi from Kuningan, Vivi, Rita and Tri From borneo.

Three of them just stay and follow the camp program, they are Nauval, he is joining the program in Daffodils, and Amwal joins TOEFL and IELTS in Elfast while the third is Eka, he is joining the program in Daffodils.

Alhamdulillah they are able to undestand and speak English well because they are spirit to study English in Kampung inggris for their future. the key of successful students not only from the place where they study but also from their spiit to study seriously.

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