The most beautiful Christmas Trees in Lithuania, 2018

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The most beautiful Christmas Trees in Lithuania, 2018 - Photo, Edition by Amber255 via

For some people, Christmas is coming on December 25th. For others, its spirit starts with the first days of Christmas tree's decoration. I started to enjoy this winter holiday since the beginning of December too, while others say it's still too early. After all, Christmas is not a calendar day, but something warm and cozy in the heart.

Christmas is coming once a year, but preparations for this holiday lasts for almost three weeks. Nowadays, our cities are starting to light Christmas trees at the beginning of December, so our people enjoy the holiday spirit almost whole month. There is going like competition which city will decorate its own Christmas tree in the most beautiful, sophisticated way. 

Christmas is the waiting time. We should also wait for Christmas tree and see its all surprises when the last bulb is lit. It becomes a great surprise for all who gather to see the theatricalized lighting of the Christmas tree. And when the Christmas tree is already shining in the heart of the city, it spread a charming mood, and in each corner, we can hear the Christmas buzz and Christmas carols. 

Christmas is the holiday of all people. The fewer isolations, the fewer the barriers we share, the warmer the communion is.

So, let's see what the most beautiful Christmas trees we have this year in Lithuania.


Kaunas Christmas Tree - Photo credit: anekdotukaralius via

Vilnius Christmas Tree

Two last years, the idea was to cover with lighting bulbs not only the spruce tree but also the nearby Christmas village. Last year, a 27-meter-high fir sparkled in pink and white, and the year before - in green color. So, people guessed in which colors will shine Christmas tree this year. The municipality kept it in secret till the last minute, and then people were surprised to see absolutely another concept. 

The Christmas in the capital is the most prominent and most visited capital's festival, which begins in early December and delights up to the Three Kings. This is a minimum of 5-6 weeks of exclusive Christmas events and a special atmosphere that creates a good mood, not only in the various areas of the heart of the capital but also in the distant corners.

Every year, the main focus of the Christmas Capital program is thoroughly prepared - high-quality, bright and interesting entertainment and educational events for the whole family. Every year the organizers of the festival, which grows and develops each time, surprising visitors with inclusive innovations and ideas, strives to strengthen the holiday culture not only in the capital but also in Lithuania, as well as for the residents of Vilnius and the city's guests to create an unforgettable Christmas feast.

Vilnius Christmas Tree TIME - Photo credit:

The festival is known and appreciated not only by Vilnius residents and residents of Lithuania but also by foreign guests who are increasingly interested and happy to come to Christmas time and re-discover Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities.

The Christmas tree was lighted up in our capital very early, on the first day of December. Different classical clock mechanisms, gears, 5 kilometers of illuminating decorations and more than 1000 hours of work - finally, the main Lithuanian Christmas tree started shinning in the Cathedral Square of Vilnius. The works started from the middle of November, and people eagerly waited to see the final result. Last year, Vilnius Christmas tree was recognized one of the most beautiful trees in Europe. So, it was really interesting if creators will succeed to repeat such popularity again.

The main Lithuanian Christmas tree is titled the spruce on the Vilnius Cathedral Square. The artistic fir composition is 27 meters high and 50 meters wide and covers the whole area of the Christmas village. Looking from a bird's eye, it looks like a stylized watch. The four illuminated compositions are dynamically styled clockwork gears-snowflakes. Each of them is pulsing at the tempo of the corresponding clock gear and stops every 15 minutes for short, and the Christmas tree itself flashes every hour as many times as there are hours at that time.

The Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square - Video credit: 
MegaSun Fjord via

The Christmas tree lighted up in the Cathedral Square - the symbol of Christmas in all of Lithuania. The composition of this year's Christmas tree and Christmas town is modern, meaningful and truly exclusive.

This year, though a different but no less impressive Christmas tree, invites you to rethink the concept of time and become part of the flow of time.

Both the Christmas tree and the Christmas village are decorated with original clock mechanisms, which repeat the principles of seconds, minutes, hours. In the Christmas village itself, the illusion of a real watch - the Roman shining figures in circle meet the visitors. At the same time, this installation also includes tables where people can enjoy drinks and snacks purchased in the fair.

The basic idea is the time. We all count it, we divide it into smaller parts, it's not enough to anyone. It is necessary to give yourself time to a Christmas tree, not count it, because the tree will count the time for all us. - D. Koncevicius (translated from Lithuanian)


Although the whole impressive clock composition is visible from above, people who come to the Christmas village can really feel like a clock mechanism. 

An impressive Christmas composition invites you to stay and enjoy the wonderful moments of being together. The place where the main city spruce stands are symbolic as it's the most significant square in Lithuania, where the long past and the present meet. 

Inside the traditional Christmas village, which surrounds the main city fir, this year there are special guest lounge tables. This is the twelve shinning Roman numerals symbolizing hours: from I through XII, going around the entire Christmas tree clockwise. Now it's easier than ever to have a date or meeting with your buddies to a Christmas tree - you just need to choose under which hour to meet! The Christmas fair village is surrounded by a light garland vault, creating a cozy, warm, and magical atmosphere.

Vilnius Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square - Photo credit:

The Vilnius Town Hall Square Christmas Tree

Vilnius residents and guests of the city lit a Christmas tree in the heart of the Old Town of Vilnius - Town Hall Square. Christmas train opened invited to the first Christmas tour of this winter. The funny musical performances at the festival were presented by some of our bands. The annual festive greetings in native languages were presented by representatives of various embassies participating in the International Christmas Charity Fair.

This year, the Christmas tree captivate attention by its elegance and splendor on the Town Hall Square. 15 meters high metal frame decorated with 1 thousand and 500 natural spruce branches with original, shiny decorations specially designed for this Christmas.


Decorations of warm colors and bright garlands is perfectly combined with the atmosphere of the cozy and elegant Vilnius Old Town. The spiral silhouette of toys on Christmas tree on the Town Hall Square resembles the narrow and curious streets of the Old Town of Vilnius and craftsmen, once prospered there.

The Christmas fair settled on Vilnius Town Hall Square invites the city guests to feel a charming and unique atmosphere there. People can enjoy the variety of delicacies in the small spaces for five-week long Christmas holidays. 

The Vilnius Town Hall Square Christmas Tree - Photo

Kaunas Christmas Tree

On December 1, the main Christmas tree of Kaunas city was lit at Kaunas Town Hall Square. The most popular performers of these days gave concerts to Kaunas residents and guests of the city, which lighted up thousands of fir bulbs and gave a festive mood.

The Christmas tree which will last for more than a month creates a real Christmas miracle in Kaunas and delight residents and city guests throughout the festive period.

This year, Kaunas delights with a 20-meter-high green fir, which uses unusual materials - plastic straws - for its decor. The green Christmas tree - without traditional toys. It is dominated by nature's naturalness and a lot of light.  The snowbanks for the Christmas tree is made up of one-time transparent cocktail straws. A total of 2.5 million of them were used.

White straws were used for Christmas tree decoration too. The various organizations, communities, and groups of people made snow pillows of them. This has become a unifying campaign that includes the entire society. The decorators ensure that those decorations will not become trash and will not pollute the environment, they will be recycled.

Kaunas Christmas Tree - the mood of childhood tales and winter.

Kaunas Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

Klaipeda Christmas Tree

The main city's Christmas tree was lighted on the square of Klaipėda Theater. As in previous years, the fir was given by residents of Klaipėda. The main city's Christmas tree was lit up on the square of Klaipėda Theater. As in previous years, the fir was given by residents of Klaipėda.

The Theater Square was decorated not only by the fir tree, which, following the tradition of last year, is decorated with light bulbs only emphasizing the beauty of the natural holiday's symbol. The square was filled with light bulbs' garlands and six majestic shining bubbles. Also, there were decorated trees in decorative pots.

As in the last year, Christmas fair is going on the Old Town.

The route of walks this year leads Klaipėda and city guests not only to the theater square but also to the Rebirth Square, where the hundred of real, living trees have been decorated. The Christmas trees were decorated by young people - kindergartens, pupils, students.

Each year Klaipeda is preparing new beautiful initiatives. They are needed because the city is cozy, warm, distinguishing.

Klaipeda Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

Sirvintai Christmas Tree

Every season is charming. Most people like winter. Especially December, which brings the most beautiful of year holidays. In Sirvintai, the very first winter day, the spectacular Christmas tree's lighting took place. It was an impression that all the inhabitants of the city gathered for this event.

The beautiful Sirvintai Christmas tree, barely lighted up, created a special festive mood and received many great reviews in the public space. For the locals, their Christmas tree is more beautiful than the one in the capital.

The luminous garlands make this green creation similar to a fir tree from a fairy tale book. From the top, the tree looks like a star.

There was also a Christmas fair around the festive hollow, where you could buy a variety of dishes - from various baked goods to milk, fish and meat products. The fair was attended by farmers, craftsmen, folk artists, representatives of national, and culinary heritage.

 Sirvintai Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

Rokiskis Christmas Tree

This year, Rokiskis knocked up a fir tree, and it did not cost anything to the city. It's very original Christmas tree - made of wooden boards with a height of 15 meters. It was created by the motifs of the works of the 19th-century philosopher Lionginas Sepka. But people joke that it is a fake fir because the boards are made of the fir trees.

The Rokiskis spruce shines in the courtyard of the Urban Museum. Together with the unique wooden green spruce, Rokiškis became the capital of Lithuanian culture in 2019. The city's festive tree was illuminated with various lights from the outside and from the inside. Rokiškis spruce has not any ordinary decorations. A wooden bird was put on the top of a tree, and wooden spruce was decorated with toys from pieces of mirror or other carvings and wooden chains.

By the way, the Rokiskis Manor opened the door to the Christmas residence, where you can meet Santa Claus and enjoy various activities until January 6th.

Although it has some critics, most of the people are praising its originality.


Rokiskis Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

Salcininkai Christmas Tree

Both Barbora Radvilaite, Bona Sforza, and Queen Morta, and just Vasilisa the Beautiful - the original Salcininkai Christmas tree has already gained a lot of names in comments on social networks. In fact, this is the Queen of the Cold, and she should bring us the real and lush winter -  explains the authors of the idea.

With the help of fantasy, Salcininkai built a 15-meter-high Queen, the main Christmas tree of town. The investment was not big, but the sound of the Christmas tree has already reached Belarus and Poland. Neighbors come here just to see the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus came to SalCininkai and lighted up a Christmas tree! The residents of the municipality crowded together to experience this moment together with Santa Claus. Not only the smallest guests who are eagerly awaiting holiday but also adults, are pleased.

The Salcininkai region is also called Cold earth in a poetic way. The region of rich history is proud of this year magnificent spruce - in the main square of the city, there is a 14.5-meter-high Queen of the Cold, lighted up by 1.5 thousand light bulbs.

In recent years, it is hard to call December a true winter: we have Christmas trees, but there is a lack of snow and winter moods. Therefore, I hope that the Queen of the Cold will be generous with gifts, good works, will bring snow, a good mood, and will create a real celebration for the residents of Salcininkai and its guests. 

Salcininkai Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

On The Final Note 

Some of us have a lack of time, while others are bored waiting for something. Some waste it, others cherish, sometimes overestimate.  From ancient times people wanted to be able to control time, slow down it, to be able to do more work or to enjoy a wonderful moment longer or even to turn it back.

Time is becoming more and more important in our lives, we count it so precisely and divide it into smaller parts. However, as it has flown, so it flows at the same pace. Let's our being together at the Christmas tree will become a special time - the time given giving to each other. 

The real Christmas miracle is not in the gift bag but in the hearts, minds, and emotions of each of us. The real miracle is human generosity. Let's not stop sharing the good, let's be generous with our goodness and our human warmth. Do not chase for cheap miracles, but look for beauty in the real things.

 May the Holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. And may the New Year be full of adventure and fun! You deserve it!



Christmas Tree - Photo credit:

Christmas means mystery, beauty, joy, gifts, attention to each other. This is the most important transformation of the year: the end of the year, the return of the sun. The expectation of this holiday is as important as the celebration itself. It's a wonderful time, not for sorrow, but for a variety of good deeds, meaningful communication, a life review, and the development of plans.



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