The most mysterious place of the world which took many lives

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Bermuda Triangle is considered as the most deadly spot on planet earth. This scary spot is also called as the Devils Triangle. This deadly ocean is located in the western part of North Atlantic Ocean. This place is commonly considered as one of the scariest places in the world. This all started many years ago when people realized that on that particular area every ship and plane were mysteriously disappeared. Paranormal experts say that there is some other extraterrestrial beings are there which the reason behind the disappearance of ships is.

                                            The proper definition for this triangle has not been specifically defined as people consider it as some of their guess, the triangular area has always been judged on the basis of authors guess and their observations no one has any appropriate measurement for this triangular area. So we can say that this area is not particularly triangle it’s just on the basis of observations.

 Well scientists say that the magnetic force on that particular region is so high and that may be the possible reason why all the ships and planes were mysteriously disappeared from that particular area. Scientists says that every things contain little bit of iron even human contains iron and that is the reason why ships and humans were disappeared. This scientific theory has a reason that justifies the mysterious accidents but still scientists still don’t have any strong evidence to prove their logic. All we can do is to either trust scientists or trust paranormal experts.

 There is another place in the world which is located in Pacific Ocean that also had same mysterious accidents just like Bermuda Triangle but this triangle is commonly known as the Dragon Triangle. This area is 100 km far from south Tokyo. This place is marked as the danger area in the Japanese maps also.

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