The mystery of small pocket in Jeans.

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We have been using jeans almost our entire life.  Who does not?

Aren't you even wondering what could be the reason of that little tiny pockets right at the inside of the big pocket in our jeans?

Well had the time to investigate on that one.

It is actually for watches.  According to it was designed for cowboys in the 1800s.

That's quite a year don't you think?  As of this day I can still see these pockets even on the new releases of designer jeans. Well in fact there's no more cowboy watches in store.  You can only see them in antique shops and cost thousand of peso already.  So how does people make use of the tiny pockets nowadays?

I could identify some.

1. Coin pocket.

2. Jewelry pocket.

3. 1 pc Bill pocket.

4. Sim card pocket (Why not?)

Photos courtesy of Google Image.


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