The Noble Spider (Game of Thrones)

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SPOILER ALERT! Contains information and plot details from A Game of Thrones upto the end of Season 3 of the television show.

After re-watching all three series and re-reading all the books there is one character who sticks out of the limelight and is not considered much of a character by many people but for me he intrigues me the most and that is Varys (The Spider). From right near the start when you first meet the Royal Spymaster he is considered untrustworthy yet as he shows he is probably the most trustworthy character in the entire series. Such as when Ned is locked away in the deepest of dungeons in Kings Landing, Varys comes providing water for him and tries to advise him ending with him saying he is really the only person serving the realm rather than just themselves. Skip ahead to series 2 and he starts to show more of his noble side by warning the the small council of the impending long winter and how they have 5 years of wheat stockpiled showing his care for the citizens and also warning them of the wildlings and their army behind the king beyond the wall. Yet again seeing the threat of them raises concerns of support needed for the nights watch which is flatly refused. Finally the ever increasing rivalry between him and Littlefinger I believe shows the most of his good side, this is because whilst everyone sees the Lannisters as the the 'bad guys' of the show yet I believe they are completely wrong Littlefinger is the underlying evil in this story as he has twisted and manipulated his way to power and has betrayed Ned already and in the coming series will no doubt strike again at someone. Varys is truly the only one trying to stop Littlefingers rise to dominance and for that is the reason Varys is the only true nobleman in Westeros.


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