The proud of Pakistan (Samina khayal baig)

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World highest mountain is mountain Everest. It is situated in the mountain of Himalaya near china and Tibet. In 1852 it was announced that it is the highest mountain of the world. It was measured by sir Gorge Everest. The people of Tibet and Nepal called it “ice mountain” its height is 8848 meter.

British people first tried to climb it. Many people lost their lives during climbing this mountain. Almost 60 years ago Edmund Hillary and Sherpa tenzing climbed that mountain successfully. Edmund was called as “sir” after this success. In his book “High adventure” he has explained every moment of his journey.

Nazir sabir was the first Pakistani climber who climbed that mountain. He did this in May 2000. He was one of 899 climbers who climbed mountain Everest. Nazir sabir waves the flag of Pakistan on this mountain and singed national anthem there.

Many female climber climbed mount Everest. Samina khayal baig was the first Muslim female climber who successfully climbed mount Everest 19th may 2013. She was the youngest climber of the Muslim world. At the time of doing this miracle her age was 23 years, by doing this she proved that female are not behind men. Samina khayal baig was born in 1990 in Gilgit baltistan. She started climbing in 2010. She gave courage to the women’s that they can do everything in life.

Samina khayal baig is the proud of Pakistan and we all Pakistani love her very much.

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