The Real Story! 60 Years of Life Turns Miserable Rich Son

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In the story of the movie or soap opera, you may often see a story about a rich princess who swapped separated from his parents and then have to live in the midst of poverty. If you think it can not happen, a man in Japan actually experienced.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (02/12/2013), a Japanese man who was born of a wealthy family forced to live in poverty since he was born into the world. The hospital San-Ikukai that helped birth the mother, known mistakenly gave him another pair. While the rich biological mother receive another baby.

Confuse the two babies at once to swap the fate of both. For 60 years, the original rich kid who must live wrestle with poverty. Which is regarded as the father's biological parents died when he was two years old. Men who declined to be named, also said he had to stay on top of a cramped apartment with three brothers.

I was so poor, he was forced to attend school at night and worked in a factory. Although later he worked as a driver in a pickup transport companies. He never married and had to help take care of three men (not siblings), one of which suffered a stroke.

While the baby is born to a poor couple took place wallowing in wealth and life. Living in a rich family, poor baby is confused, grows with a higher education, ranging from private lessons to study at top universities. The guy who swapped even now has become a leader in a successful real estate company.

Suspicions arise when growing up, the third baby brother who swapped in a wealthy family felt he did not like one of them. In 2011, the family and asked him to take a DNA test and ultimately proven, the man apparently was not part of the family.

The error seems to occur when the midwife took a newborn baby to be bathed and then gave him the wrong mother.

While the man who proved to be a rich kid very surprised considering his brothers have no blood ties with him.

"I wonder how this sort of thing could happen. I really do not believe. Honest I do not want to accept all of this reality," he said.

The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday ordered the hospital to pay damages of 38 million yen or equivalent to Rp 4.35 billion in the male. The amount is smaller than the plaintiff filed.

Unfortunately, when he knows who his biological parents, both of whom have passed away. He felt mentally very depressed because he never met his biological parents directly.

He now returned to its original home. However, the takeover of the family business is still a question mark. While three of his siblings said they would build a relationship that has been missing for years.

"I am very happy to hear it and that's what I want to do," said the man.

Indeed since childhood, mothers regarded as his biological parents also have suspected something was wrong because of the physical differences between him and his brother.

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