The Role of Women in Afghanistan

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Women are important parts of the society. Women had a lot of problems in past such as compulsive marriage, education prevention etc. In the last decade women got a lot of promotion in many ways. Now they can defend their rights and freedom.

  They try to stay in same level with men. Women and men are equal in the entire world and people in Afghanistan try to understand this case. Since one decade ago a lot of institutes opened to support women to study, to work, defend their right and be active in their society.

Afghan Women are now trying to stop compulsive marriages, promote women studying in schools, universities, institutes, increase the role of women in government, improve their role in decision making to their country, increase their role in cultural, trade, scientific, industrial, sport and educational affairs of the country.

  It is a long way to reach to all our aims. It needs to be decisive and work with perseverance to achieve to all our specified goals and fulfill our exact and significant role in our society and help our people, but unfortunately still there are a lot of problems in our way, but I am sure we could deal with these problems and solve them.

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Afsana Omidi is one of the Herat bastan institute student, she is studying English in that institute. Afsane was born in Herat-Afghanistan. she is in 8th class of school. she has interest to reading book and sport and watching afghani films.

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