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Children are brought up in their laps, while they are at work. So, there is no proper care for children’s health and education. Islam gives us an elaborate and clear-cut programmed. It first demarcates the activities of women. The centre of these activities is home and the child. Women are not forbidden to come to their men folk’s help when economic needs arise.


But such participation in male duties would be temporary and with free choice. The welfare of home is the best aim one can think of and keeping it is the most difficult duty. However, with all these things, we have to take the needs of the time into commiseration. Times have changed. Women have come out to take in different walks of life. They are working as officers in banks, as air hostesses, bus proving themselves equal to men in every walk of life.


So much so, Pakistan and Bnagla Desh are the two Islamic countries where women are enthusiastically participating in political activities. So, it is clear that women are going to take part in all kinds of jobs. It is the duty of men to make them realize that they have regard for their female colleagues. They should give them proper respect and honour.


It is undoubtedly true that women will not return to their homes to remain confined to four walls rather they will remain active members of society. Therefore, they should be given their due rights. Working hours for women can be reduced so that they are able to look after their domestic duties as well.

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