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Arabia is a country of matchless beauty. It is a land of deserts. These deserts have no tracks or paths. They are full of loose sandy mounds. The tropical sun emit burning rays here. But its night sky is generally full of stars. It present a beautiful sight. It has sparked the imagination of poets and travellers. Makah is the city of this land. It is situated 50 miles from the red sea. It was the city where holy prophet was born.

The people of Arabia had great memory. They were graceful speakers. Their poetry show their fluency and the power of recollect. Once in a year, the Arabs hosted a fair of poetic competition at Uzak. Once, Hammed assured Caliph Walid bin Yazid that he could recite, besides short verses, one hundred long poems for each alphabet. He farther said that these poems would be of those poets who lived before the spread of Islam. It is the great tribute to Arabic language that Allah Almighty selected it for His last book, the Holy Quran.

Human beings were going towards dis order and confusion in the fifth and sixth centuries. People struggled for four thousand years for the civilization to flourish. Now this civilization was about to break down. At this moment, Allah sent a prophet who was one of these people. He elevated them spiritually and brought them out of their ignorance. He showed them a path to true religion.

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