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At the age of thirty eight, Hazrat Muhammad used to live alone. He would spend a lot of time in contemplation. He would often take food and water to cave of Hira. There he would spend days and weeks in the worship of Allah.

The long wait for the prophet hood ended at last. His hart was throbbing with deep love for humans. He had a great desire to end the false faith, public vice, brutality and unfairness. At last the time came when Allah made him His prophet. One day, when he was worshipping in the cave Hira, Jibril, an angel, appeared there and delivered the holy massage of Allah to him. The massage is explained as under. The angel asked the holy prophet to read the name of Allah. He said that Allah created man from the clot of blood. He said that Allah is very benevolent. He said that Allah taught man how to use a pen. He said that Allah taught man what he did not know before.

The divine revelation had started at it continued for next twenty three years which was the period of prophet hood. The holy prophet had begun to preach that Allah is one. He asked people to be united. It was the aim of holy prophet to crush the chain of meaningless believes. He aimed to make an end to ignorance and doubts about religious principles. He wanted to establish a dignified idea of life. He desired to guide people to true faith. He wished people to be blessed by Allah.  

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