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Ok my friends, I would like to tell you the schedule of studying English in my English course. We have five time classroom obligation programs start in the morning until in the evening. 

In the morning at 05.15 we have program memorizing vocabularies, at 07.30 we have grammar class program, at 09.00 we have speaking class program, and in the afternoon at 03.30 we have grammar club program and inthe evening is the last program that we name with speaking club program.

In vocabulary class program, the students will be given at least 15-20 vocabularies every meeting and 3 expressions. They must memorize those vocabularies correctly and well. and every meeting we brush up the lesson until the students really memorize well. at 07.30 we teach grammar to the students in order that they can make sentence by themselves with correct grammar because it is needed whe the students will study TOEFL or IELTS next time, while at 09.00 they will study speaking especially try to be brave people to speak in front of public. and the rest programs are the study clubs where the students study and practice more about the lesson given by teacher in the classroom.

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