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Its that time of year again... Christmas is over (I hope everyone had a good one!) The new year is almost upon us, and everyone feels slightly in Limbo... What will the new year bring? Happiness, sadness, insecurity, productivity? Thats why I wanted to write another Inspiration esk blog!

"The Secret" is a book and a film, all based around a positive way of thinking. They suggest that what you put out there is what you get back... for example, if you stub your toe by accident in the morning, and say to yourself "Thats is, now I'm going to have an awful day" and start the day in a bad mood, chances are, thats whats going to happen.

It works on a much bigger scale than this of course, "Every man I meet is going to treat me badly", or "Every boss I get is an asshole"... then thats what you're putting out there, thats what you're going to get.

So the idea is to think as positively as you can. Think about what you DO want. Think about the job, the relationship, even the car that you DO want, and think positively, as if you have that already. Feel the feelings and gratitude that you feel when you have it, and how happy you do feel. And VISUALISE yourself there.

Don't think about it too far in the future, if you're in that state of mind, then it will always be in the future... feel as if you have it NOW.

Another big part of it is to feel gratitude for everything you have around you already. If you start off like "My friends are always too busy for me, my relationships are rubbish, I have loads of debt", then thats what you're sending out there, thats what you're getting back.... be grateful for aaaaallll you have.

Apparently, its all to do with the laws of attraction, the force thats out there in the universe that we don't really understand... everything is connected, and apparently, this is how!

Some people are sceptical, and rightly so, it might seem a little far fetched... BUT... so what? The idea is to be grateful for everything you have, and visualise everything you want as if you already have it. The worst that could happen is that you feel generally happier for everything you've got, you'll start really knowing what you want, and feeling those feelings, and so start beginning to work more towards those things you really want. Even if the law of attraction played no part... you'd still be making steps to making your life better... so whats the harm?

Check out the first 20 mins, or even the first ten!:


Let me know what you think :) xx

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