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We Can Read Your Dreams
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We're Normally Different

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Fun Facts of our Body


These are fun facts of our Body that every one will agree about, and trying these facts out will me more then just fun so lets get……

by imi_kk

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My Ambition


 When I was a child I wanted to be a priest or a teacher. I even tell it to my childhood friends even to my parents. But as I……

by mclloyd86

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Byron Gamit

I am a kid with dreams as high as the stars and moon in the skies, I want to succeed and achieve my goals in life. I WILL DO EVERYTHING……

by RuizByron

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Dear Dolores


As the changes of new year comes the devastating moment - a shocking bad bad real bad news for every die hard fans of The Cranberries……

by RoyanHasjim

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There are dreams which a person sees while sleeping.the ones which a person cannot control. the ones when he woke up he wish could……

by Diya000

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Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your……

by abilena

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IT specialist

JAM     Nation To NationAll The WorldMust Come TogetherFace The ProblemsThat We SeeThen Maybe Somehow We Can Work It OutI……

by IT-specialist

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IT specialist

  A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.All our dreams can come true, if……

by IT-specialist

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Malik Masab

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr.……

by saim_malik

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Life is precious.


You have only one chance to explore this world. Life is precious. You have to give value to yourself. Respect your abilities. Respect……

by Liza20

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The Kitchen


My identity is hiding somewhere in the kitchenWhere destiny told me to be.I don’t know where it isIf you look for itMaybe you……

by Afwebco

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Life Nuggets


For our graduation ceremony last March 26, 2015, we have invited Mr. Andreev Aquintey who is also an alumnus in our school to be our……

by denizee

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This world is real but every single person of the world is now busy in some of their own imaginations and dreams and thoughts. May……

by Dashing_Prince

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Follow your Dreams

Riza Asuncion-Gomez

We humans tend to dream of the things we want to achieve in life. Sometimes being poor gives us more motivation to dream big and make……

by riza-gomez

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First Daughter,


  I am ShahidaSister to four smart and kind brothers and a beautiful little sisterFirst daughter of parents proud that all……

by Afwebco

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If my heart beats


If my heart beatsfor Kabul,it's for the slopes of Bala Hissar,holding my deadin its foothills. Though not one, not oneof those……

by Afwebco

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dreams for you

Madhvi Saxena

At night time when we are rested,we go to sleep easier and it isn’t hard to fall a sleep. This is the ideal feeling of being……

by madhvi-saxena

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If only I had.....

Ashikur Rahman

Don't let your fears hold you back. Whatever you've been planning, whatever you've imagined, whatever you've dreamed of, get started……

by Karols_Ashik

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What a blessing!


What a blessing!Nature has bestowed its love upon us Our garden is the valley, The walls are the hills Our friends……

by Afwebco

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Today 's News


Today in the Dural Aman area of Kabul 3 person were killed and more than 20 person were injured by the Suicide attack. This pic shows……

by Afwebco

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Way of Life

Uzzaier Lone

Whether you have a SUZUKI or a BMW,  the road remains the same. Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination……

by Lone1

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What happens in Dreams

Muhammad Sohail

Dreaming is associate degree activity of the brain. It produces electrical waves which may be measured with associate degree medical……

by Bit-Free

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Do Thinh

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams…then they aren’t big enough!”                                                                                              ……

by do-thinh

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I wanna be

Yaj Yaj

If I could do ANY job in the world, I would want to be a writer. I've known about it ever since I can remember. I want to write because……

by yaj-yaj

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Still ALIVE!

Studio Smack

Hello everyone, It's been a while. To be honest, we were a bit surprised by the film annex / bitlander make over. But we're glad……

by StudioSmack

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Dreams are in reality a psychological Phenomenon it is a special with human being to see dream some of these dreams are very romantic……

by abidfazal

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Fariba kakar

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you هر شب در رویاهایم تو را می بینم و احساست می کنمThat……

by FaribaKakar

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somthing new

Timothy Williams

I am now planning my first film to a professional standard. I have made many films but on my own and not involving everybody coming……

by timothy-williams

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Marwa Hassan

Being a Mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children go..As long as I live, I will always be……

by marwa-hussan

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Live Your Dreams

Mariam lotfy

Live Your Dreams When I listened to these beautiful quotes I could not persist the desire to fly above the stars and wanted to share……

by Mariamlotfy

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shakir jan

Everyone in this world is prone to dream .One always makes a plan about his,I have a Afganistan of my dreams.                           ……

by shakirjan

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Surfing it...

Extreme Sport

True beach lovers can't imagine their lives without surfing. It is perhaps one of the most affordable activities once you are at some……

by fastestTest

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Good morning, America!


Such a beautiful time. 8:30 am.  There is a popular old saying in Russia, "God help those who get up early!" It is true……

by IvanK

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How to Love Your Job

Keisha Douglas

Stop what you are doing.   Answer yourself these 4 questions. Do you like your job? Could you love your job? Is this where you……

by MitoProd

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"The Secret"

Sorcha Anglim

Its that time of year again... Christmas is over (I hope everyone had a good one!) The new year is almost upon us, and everyone feels……

by sorcha-anglim

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Paul Virtue

When we are children we all dream of what we'll become when we grow up. But some of us from very early on know that we are destined……

by PaulVirtue

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“我的梦想”-由弗朗切斯科鲁利和阿贝尔费拉拉共同制作("My Dream" by Francesco Rulli with Abel Ferrara)

Film Annex China

Film Annex 的创始人兼总裁,首席执行官-弗朗切斯科鲁利(Francesco Rulli )与阿贝尔费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)合作拍摄费拉拉新的电影项目“梦想”(Dreams)的第一集。知名美国电影导演,屡获奖项的电影制作人,阿贝尔费拉拉将会把弗朗切斯科鲁利的梦想诠释成一部杰作,弗朗切斯科鲁利将用于私有放映和分销。……

by FilmAnnex_China

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