What happens in Dreams

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Dreaming is associate degree activity of the brain. It produces electrical waves which may be measured with associate degree medical instrument . Dreams occur once brain waves ar particularly quick.

Everyone dreams. If you're thinking that that you just ne'er dream, you're wrong . Most of the time we tend to cannot bear in mind our dreams. Theorists say that we tend to dream principally concerning the thoughts and needs that we tend to repress . Others say that if dreaming isn't thus intense it's troublesome to recollect them anyway. another excuse is also that dreams ar ne'er identical , they need to be perennial so as for America to recollect them.

Most people cannot management their dreams , they solely happen. only a few individuals expertise lucid dreaming. they will management what happens in their dreaming whereas they're asleep.

Even blind individuals dream. they will see pictures of events that they need knowledgeable about before they became blind. On the opposite hand an individual UN agency was born blind doesn't see photos in dreams, however they will hear, smell and style in them.

People usually have identical dreams over and yet again. they will be events in your life that have caused issues that you've got not resolved nevertheless. Nightmares are dreams that are thus terrible that you just sometimes get up. there's medical treatment for nightmares . you'll be able to move to a therapists UN agency tries to seek out out why you've got nightmares and the way to agitate them.

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