How to Love Your Job

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Stop what you are doing.


Answer yourself these 4 questions.

Do you like your job?

Could you love your job?

Is this where you want to be doing for the next five years?

Are you happy?


If you said no to any of these questions, then let me ask you this: What are you doing?

You've packed away your diploma, threw away your long-term goals, and have hidden away your true feelings.

So, what's wrong with this picture?


You aren't doing what you love to do.

The whole reason people you admire made it to where they are is because they took risks.


Why aren't you taking any risks?

Why are you choosing to wait for fate?


You are here. Now. Living. Breathing. Thinking about your future.

Come on now. You can do it. Go for your goals. Take one leap at a time. Make your dream become reality.


You are the only on holding yourself back.

Take a chance.


I will be rooting for you.



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