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Afghanistan NATO Withdrawal - Film…
Trailer - Perspective

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The Brighter Side

Rain Tajon

The bad chapters of life lead to the good ones if you keep turning the pages."--Matshona Dhliwayo      *Image is credited……

by rain-tajon

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Nofil Rehman

As I said I will write a blog on mathematics so here it is, the reason I thought of it is because I'm just studying Advance mathematical……

by nofil-rehman

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3D model

Jamie Guinto

i do this project last year. i did the floor plans, elevations, sections and also perspective. I create this project by using 3D blender,……

by J-G

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How to Love Your Job

Keisha Douglas

Stop what you are doing.   Answer yourself these 4 questions. Do you like your job? Could you love your job? Is this where you……

by MitoProd

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