Role of Media in society

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We are getting media dependent now.It is widely used in business,education and for many other purposes.Media has become important in one's life as clothing and food.Through media,a person gets aware of the current affairs happening around him.It gives us the fashion updates.





Our society is influenced by media in different ways.Media gives us information,education,entertainment and many other things.It is said to be the ''mirror'' of the modern age.It keeps the people up to date.Everyone can get atleast a little from it.But the sad thing about this is that it really has a very bad influence on our youngsters who are adopting these things in a wrong way.






Media directly effects the people perspective.Our youth try to get fame like the people in media and as a result of this the society suffers alot.They strive to become a part of this which in some cases not good for them.This is really a matter of concern that media is progressing so rapidly in every field belonging to our lives.No doubt media has played an important role in the progress of our country and to remove the gap of communication between the people.







Women waste a lot of their time in watching dramas and other programs which badly disturbs the life of the other members of the house.Children watch movies which are not morally good and destroy their characters completely.Media has adverse as well as useful effects on our society.It provides us information even if we are sitting in our rooms.So if we take it in a positive manner than media is really very useful in this modern age.

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