How to Cope Up with Rejection

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So today, we will be talking about rejections and this will probably be my third and last blog for this month.

As you all know, rejections are naturally painful and this is actually in relation to my previous blog which talks about depression but this one focuses more on rejection itself.

All of us have encountered it in one way or another, may it be in love life, in career, in our dreams, in our family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, brothers, sisters, and everyone and everything surrounding us. That's why I wrote this blog to give you tips on how to overcome each type of rejection you have encountered or you will be facing. Me too, I've experienced lots of rejections in life so I believe I could provide lots of tips regarding this topic.

Even the 'Power Rangers' that I'm playing, it also gives me a feeling of rejection. Sometimes, I lose in the battle. I feel agitated and powered up after knowing that I would lose so I tend to play again. But I won't explain much further about 'Power Rangers' because the blog is not mainly about 'Power Rangers', but see? Even smartphone games can give you rejection. Everyone and everything can give it to you but I'm here to cheer you up.

Before I start with providing you with the steps, please follow my other blogs as well which relates a little bit to this topic.

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So let's move on to the tips on how to overcome rejections:

1. Rejections in love life


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Love is a physiological need of a human being. Everyone wants love. Everyone needs love. But what if the one that you love doesn't love you back or if he doesn't love you anymore? You thought that he was the one as he thought that you would be the one as well. But things have changed. He just woke up and suddenly realized that he doesn't love you anymore. What will you do? Or those instances where that person has never loved you from the start but you keep insisting yourself to him even if it's already painful. It hurts right? One love affair. Ouch. It indeed hurts. Or the worst, you know that he's too far away but you keep on dreaming that somehow, someday, he will notice you even if there's no more chance for that to happen anymore. I agree that all of these things are rejections. Whether you are rebellious or not, as long as you fall into the trap of one-sided love, it will always hurt you into tears.


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So what can we do with this kind of situation? Simple. Cry your heart out until you get tired of it. If it keeps on hurting, just let it be. It's part of the process of moving on. It's not really easy to move on from this situation but this is the only way that you can face life. You must see the harsh reality that not everyone is going to like you for who you are. Not everyone is going to understand you for who you are. You should focus yourself on people who will lift you up as those people will be the one to understand and love you for who you are. They are your real gems.

2. Rejected by your ambitions


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I want to be positive in here so if you have ambitions and if you want to achieve them, then go for it as long as you know how to. Don't stop until you've reached it, especially of you have the skills on what it takes to be the person you want to be. If someone who is possible of giving you the opportunity you want has rejected you, mourn about it first but don't do forever. You should stand up, especially if you think that the opportunity is meant for you. That person might not be able to give the opportunity in life that you want but always know that he is not the only person who can give you that kind of opportunity. Another person may be able to give you that opportunity and you might just not have know him yet.


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When a door closes, another door opens. If opportunity doesn't knock at your own door, build your own door. Prove to that person who rejected you that you will be successful!

3. Rejected by friends and family


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There are people whose friends and family reject them for what they want to become in life. They reject them for the decisions they've made and for the plans they want to do Family is there to support you but some people have families who don't. What's worse is that when a family tortures and forces a member to do something he doesn't want to because they think that it's the best for that member, when in fact he is already suffocated by it. Especially if he's building his dreams but then his family comes up destroying them just because they think he's doing nothing.


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This is an extremely difficult situation. Family is the one who should support you in the things that you want to do, especially when those things don't cause harm, but they are the one destroying you instead. There are two things that you can do in this case. You can confront them by saying that you don't like it or you can go to a far away place to have some air breather. What can you do? Your family doesn't like you for who you are and you have no other choice but to do it. Painful it may seems but that's the only way to save yourself. This option is only applicable if you have lots of money or if you dare enough facing the harsh reality of life. I don't recommend suicide! It's not yet over so don't lose in the batte!

4. Rejected by the people around you


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These are the people who think they know you. These are the people who know nothing but make assumptions about you when those assumptions are not true If you're someone who went through a lot, you should know that their false assumptions about you cannot and will never equal the magnitude of your problems. So if you're going to confront them, tell them to shut up and be responsible citizens for a moment. Their false assumptions are just an inch compared to the size of your problems.


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Those are the four common types types of rejections you might have encountered and how to cope with them. I hope you have learned from my blog and see you in my next blog.


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