What a blessing!

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What a blessing!
Nature has bestowed its love upon us 
Our garden is the valley, 
The walls are the hills 
Our friends are the animals
Our relatives 
Are numerous, an array of rainbow of greens 
Our children are the fruit 
Our parents
The soil. 
The Gods 
Our playmates
The statues our deity watching over us. 
Our homes are constructed from the mud dirt from our garden
Our water showers upon us from the blue sky 
From the rainfall we bathe our souls
The floating clouds are our cloaks
Covering our bare bodies with the blanket of life
The stars at night are our lantern
The moon our storyteller
She sings to us the stories of our honored-heritage
As we daze off into the river of dreams
Oh what a blessing!

The Bamian province, Afghanistan

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