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Our Africa is on the way of sustainable development implementations. However, the path of effective usage of its resources is just at the stage of facing challenges and it is clear that the average home work list is not there yet. The current world is mainly concerned in climate change and sustainability factors of the environment so that Africa is gearing up to stick with the need of natural resources than any other times. If we consider the natural minerals deposited in the heart of Africa, about one third of the total natural resources are found in our continent yet the proper execution of these minerals is still under the babysitter of the external allies.75 percent of the world’s Platinium,50 percent  of the world’s Diamond and Chromium is here in Africa. Also, it is estimated that more than 30 countries of the continent are blessed with natural oil and gas deposits. The problem is that African countries do not give much attention  for these and other related resources rather without any further production, only the raw materials are being exported which, intern, affects the annual income of the continent. On the other hand, 60% of the world’s uncultivated and arable land is in Africa which means there is available resources are there for the purpose of cultivation for sustaining the food consumption of African population. But the bad news is that the crop production yields are limited for the reason of unresolved economic and political issues that affects the widening of the modern cultivation cultures. Having this in mind, the forest resources of today’s Africa is about 23 percent of the total land which is truly shows a valuable natural gifts that adds for the control of global warming and world climate changes. Similarly, Africa can also collect millions of dollars from the four corners of the world by transforming the natural aquaculture and fisheries to a modern and more advanced level of export standards.

It is clear that Africa is still under the control of slow economic paths that is knowingly or unknowingly set a limitation against the tested economic strategies to apply which has been practiced in the developed countries. However, Africa is not under the scarcity of resources. The recent investigation in minerals of Africa shows that foreigners are highly attracted by the unexploited natural resources of Africa and account for the lion’s share of investment procurements in more than 90% of the African countries. inequitable returns is also seen in Africa that leads to the diminishing economic flow of the nations in particular and great impact through the world’s economic perspective. Additionally, every year Africa losses more than half a billion dollars due to illegal fishing activities which takes back the modern and faster way of practicing fisheries to the old traditional times which kills the infrastructures development without prior warning.

In order to minimize the loss of billions of dollars in all sectors of the natural resources, there should be an effective configuration of meeting African’s continental interest as a prior way of accessing more than 90% of its resources in a transparent and accountable system of allocation. Raising the performance of purchasing competition for the emergence of globally accepted system is without doubt the crucial point that we all Africans expect to see in the near future.

Finally, to protect the resources from the illicit financial congestions and unjustifiable tax orders, more educated human power must be added every day to foster the development goals of effective natural resources and pass it to the next generations. Stay tuned!


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I am Hailemichael yihun,25, from Ethiopia.I have studied primary and secondary education in Ethiopian schools.Then I have joined local university in Ethiopia studying Civil engineering and now I am a graduated civil Engineer.I am a prolific writer,student and blogger.

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